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I am an MPhys student, and I also work part-time in DFIR (digital forensics & incident response).

In my Master of Physics course, I am studying all its facets ranging from classical to quantum, as well as electromagnetism and general relativity. However, I am particularly interested in the subjects of astrophysics and space science, and hope to one day specialise in these topics and contribute formal research to these fields of physics.

Part-time, I work in DFIR as a forensic SME (subject matter expert), which involves the forensic acquisition, analysis and remediation of compromised devices managed by my employer. In this field, I specialise in performing in-depth artifact analysis as part of the investigations I conduct.

In my spare time; I really enjoy repairing and analysing electronic devices, which pairs very nicely with my studies on electromagnetism. As a result of this, I may discuss topics relating to circuit diagnosis and electrical engineering. Finally, I am very keen on learning foreign languages, and am currently focused on Japanese (標準語 - Standard dialect) and Italian.

As you may notice in my more technical-oriented posts, I am predominantly a Linux user. As a result, I really enjoy creating scripts in BASH or Python to supplement my research or thoughts. Any such scripts I create will be uploaded to my GitHub page. For anyone interested; my favoured Linux distribution is Fedora.

– Mairi