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Mairi’s Constant

This is a personal blog (my ‘universal constant’) created to store and share my research, experiments and general thoughts.

Professionally, I work in the cyber-security industry, primarily specialising in digital forensics, incident response, threat hunting and low-level analysis. However, I also have experience in other areas of the industry, namely; malware/firmware disassembly, memory analysis, network forensics, hardware hacking and penetration testing.

As you may notice in my more technical posts relating to the aforementioned fields, I am predominantly a Linux user, and thus prefer to work solely on the command-line where possible. I also enjoy BASH scripting and often create scripts to aid with my technical research projects. Any such scripts I create will be found on my GitHub page. For anyone interested; my favoured Linux distribution is Fedora, however I can be seen on Arch Linux occasionally.

Outside of my professional work, I consider myself a scientist and am currently studying towards a BSc (Hons) degree in Physics. In my science studies, I am mostly focused on the topics of Astrophysics, electrodynamics and nuclear/particle physics.

Additionally, I am very keen on learning foreign languages, and am currently focused on Arabic (MSA), Japanese (標準語 - Standard dialect) and Italian.

Finally, I can also be rarely encountered on various electronics-focused groups and forums, covering topics in; circuit design/analysis, general repair, and scientific measurments.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so via Twitter, my handle is @AstrumMairi.

– Mairi